Reigniting people’s light to live natural and healthy is my mission. I hope you have as much fun reading what others had to say about my work. I am grateful + humbled.

Beth S.

Past Life Counselor

My Color Outcome reading with Bernard Charles was as enlightening as it was fun.  Bernard confirmed that I was already on the right track with many things in my life, that I could trust my instincts.  I also received wonderful guidance on how to reach my goals while maintaining my health and sanity.  Bernard is an engaging reader with wonderful insights.  Highly recommended.



Bernard, your meditation instructions were fabulous! It was very relaxing and simple to follow!! After it was over I felt Very, Very relaxed and Light! I could picture everything you were describing, and yet you left the the descriptions and the spaces up to me! It was great!

Bobbie Jo


You have a great voice for meditation. Your energy is perfect for what you do. Well done and I look forward to more! Thank you so much!



First of all, thank you so much. Second of all, this hits home so much. I’ve been running around like crazy lately and I have felt the need to just stop and be, but sometimes this is just a luxury that I can’t afford. But I do try to take out for myself daily… Talking about passion, I am planning my dissertation on what I think/feel may be my life’s purpose – personal development  so this also went straight to the point. I want to thank you again and I hope…to receive readings from you, because I absolutely love them!

Sean E.


Just wanted to say that you have calmed me like tremendously with the meditation series you did and I listen to it everyday now through out the day to mediate and I’m reaching new heights with it and centering my energies ALOT



The colour readings that Bernard have provided me were phenomenal. His passion towards healing and spirituality really stood out while he gave these incredible readings. He was absolutely accurate with what is going on in my life at the present moment, and he doesn’t only give readings…he gives gentle but practical advice & suggestions as well! His readings never fail to uplift my spirit and motivate me to reach out for my dreams. It was truly an honour to be read by him.

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