I want a new relationship. What kind of person do you think I would attract?

I feel tension at work. What do you think is going on?

What does my body, mind and spirit need to feel best?


~ A personalized video recording of your color reading that you may refer to 24/7

~ Reassurance that you are exactly where you’re suppose to be in order to expand your evolution

~ Confidence in using the right color, crystals and chakras to live the life you always deserved


“One amazingly accurate video”

Need an answer? Your situation will be assessed in a multitude of colors to determine your present perspective and the influential energies of your past, future, fears and hopes associated with your life. Learn what colors, crystals and chakras you need right now in order to align yourself with your body, mind & soul.


This is for entertainment purposes only. Due to the nature of the product and value of my work, no refunds will be available. My service is not to be confused with expert advice (finance, health, law….etc) and I encourage you to seek out professional advice.